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The “Yester Déjà Vu” Series

I thought I would create a page to document this popular series that started in 2021.

There are a few notes on some of the paintings and a few clues to where they are now. The paintings are mostly 100 x 100 cm acrylic on canvas.


The first three were done in 2021 for my first solo exhibition at Day Gallery Blackheath. They actually sold from the catalogue before the exhibition officially opened, so they weren’t even in the front window for very long. I believe they were bought as a set of three for the Law Chambers of a prominent Sydney QC.

Day Gallery Blackheath, front window.

My next exhibition was at the just opened Ditty Wheels Gallery in Willoughby, Sydney in 2022. The two I did for this gallery, #4 & #5 fitted perfectly on the back feature wall. You’ll notice I pulled the design elements apart slightly, to create a small red section in the middle that really added to the whole effect.

These were bought as a pair during the exhibition and are now in a leafy North Shore private collection. I’ve seen a photo of the installation, they look fabulous. Here’s me at the opening night.

Ditty Wheels Gallery, Willoughby

I had not really intended this to become a series, but with the success of the first 5, I created another two.

“Nothing left to lose” was #6 and as an experiment I did it slightly smaller at 90 x 90cm. This work is still available. (June 2023)

With “Get it while you Can” #7, I went back to 100x100cm, but I played with the overlapping shapes creating an interesting effect. This was sold to a Blue Mountains local and is now hanging in their Katoomba Art Deco home. Perfect!


“Nothing Left to Lose” 90 x 90 cm. Available!
(We have added a Mock Up thin black frame to this image to show what it looks like framed.)

For my second solo exhibition at Day Gallery in 2022 I wanted to do something a bit different, but continue to use Red, Black and White and the circular element. This is the result, “Side Tracked” #8 and “Smack Dab in the Middle” #9

I really like these, in fact I use “Side Tracked” on my business card and as the banner image here on the site. “Side Tracked” sold immediately the exhibition catalogue went out, to a Blackheath collector who already owned another of my works. “Smack Dab” also sold recently. Perhaps to the same person?

With show business friends
comedian Joel Ozborn & magician Erica Vanlee

In 2023 I was invited to participate in The Other Art Fair in Sydney held at the exciting Cutaway at Barangaroo. It was the first time we have had our own exhibition space at an Art Fair and had a great time. “Day Tripping” #10 was painted for this event and took pride of place in the booth. It was bought by the Founder and CEO of a well known online tech business, who carried it back to his office HQ in George Street.

“Day Tripping”
Pre Fair Mock Up
Installing at The Other Art Fair

#11 “All or Nothing 90 x 90 cm

“All or Nothing” 90 x 90 cm. Available!

A brand new work ready for my next exhibition.

So there you are. The 11 current paintings in the series. Will there be more?

If you were interested in purchasing #6 “Nothing Left to Lose” or #11 “All or Nothing” please get in touch with us, come to the next exhibition or arrange a Studio Visit! And make sure you get on the Mailing List so you are the first to hear about new works!

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