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This Prints page is divided into 2 sections.     Latest Prints & Prints Archive

Latest Prints
, lists prints currently available directly from us and/or our partner galleries.

You can buy those on offer immediately via the Purchase Link below, send a DM on Instagram or an email.
Worldwide Shipping is included in the price.

Note – the run size of my Limited Edition Prints is small, usually just 7 to 15 of each image, hence the fact that they often sell out.

The second section Print Archive, shows most of the other prints I have created. Most are now Sold Out, but you may be able to get one from a partner gallery. Send me a message and I will let you know.

Latest Prints – Available Now

“Out of Whack”   –   Limited Edition Linocut Print 2021

“Off the Rails”   –   Limited Edition Linocut Print 2021


Stock Status – Both Prints Available

Here’s my new series of Limited Edition Linocut Prints!    “Out of Whack” & “Off the Rails”
Hand printed by me, here in my Blue Mountains Studio, on Japanese Washi Paper.

Influenced by the “bulging” prints of the pioneer of Geometric Abstraction & Op Art, Victor Vasarely, the images have  been given the Lynda twist.

The Prints are small enough to be slotted into any space, yet large enough to make a bold statement in any room.

“Off the Rails” & “Out of Whack”

It’s a run of just 15 prints for each image, individually hand signed, titled and numbered.
The Image size is 30 x 30cm, with the paper size 45 x 45.

The “Out of Whack” & “Off the Rails”  Limited Edition Prints are    A$300 each.

Postage is included World Wide!  The print comes Unframed, Rolled in a secure mailing tube, ready for framing.

We have sent Prints all over the world – California, London, New Zealand.

If you would like to buy a pair, we can offer a discount and a matching number pair if possible. A$500 for the pair.

Note 1 – Prints are unframed  (Photos of framed prints above are for for example purposes only)
Note 2 – As these are hand printed, there can be slight variations in each print.

Purchase   “Out of Whack”  Click Here

Purchase  “Off the Rails”   Click Here

Purchase both prints!  Click Here

Or you can send Timothy a direct email to discus,  timothy@timothyhyde.com

Secure Payments are made via PayPal or Credit Card via Stripe, the world’s largest supplier of online ordering services.

These are also still available from our partner Gallery,  Day Gallery in Blackheath.


Here is a pair framed up in a collectors London home.



Prints Archive 

Some of these Prints could be available. Please see Availability Notes after each series.


“New World”  –   Limited Edition Block Print



Stock Status – Limited

“New World” Lynda Hyde 2021  Limited Edition Lino Block print.

Hand printed by me, on Japanese Washi Paper. It’s a run of just 7 prints, individually hand signed, titled and numbered.The Image size is 30 x 30cm, with the paper size 45 x 45.

This was a popular print and Day Gallery have the remaining 2.

If you think the image looks a bit familiar, it is somewhat based on a painting I did in 2019 that was in my Colour Field Eleven exhibition. That painting was bought by the art loving Ovolo Hotel group, and is now presumably in one of their fabulous hotels here in Australia or Hong Kong.

The image has a nice moment of perspective shift as the orange panel seems to flick between sloping towards the front or the back.

If you would like to check availability send Timothy a direct email,  timothy@timothyhyde.com




“Colour Field Seven”  Series – “Plane Paper”  –   Limited Edition BlockPrints 

Stock Status – Extremely Limited

There are just a handful of single images from this popular series available. I believe #1 & #6 are now sold out. Message me.


“Colour Field Five”  Series  –   Limited Edition BlockPrints 


Stock Status This series is officially SOLD OUT.  However you may be able to get an Artist Proof  (AP) at Day Gallery.

“Travelogue in Lino Series”   –   Limited Edition Reduction Linocuts

4 & 5 Colour Reduction Lino Prints.    Contact us for availability or view at a Studio visit.

There are several ways to purchase Larger Art Works.  Please visit this Information Page.