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Artwork for Sale


There are several ways to obtain Paintings and Limited Edition Prints by Lynda Hyde.

1/ Attend an Exhibition and purchase direct from the gallery!

Current and upcoming exhibitions are listed on the front page.

You will need to wait till the end of the exhibition to pick up your art, though there may also be a small collection of Prints and Art Cards there for immediate purchase.


2/ Direct from us

If you see something in the Painting or Limited Edition Prints pages you like, you can contact us direct and we will send you a current Price List of works available.  Contact via Form below.

(This list will be made available for instant online download soon.)

Paintings that are SOLD will usually be marked as such here on the website.

Prints are limited editions. If the complete run is Sold Out it will be marked as such.


3/ Online at BlueThumb.com

We are just starting to upload a small selection of available works onto this excellent Australian Online gallery. Lynda is a BlueThumb Featured Artist.




4/ Commission a Painting!

If you see something in the Painting archives that you love but has already been sold, then why not commission a new painting from Lynda.

It won’t be exactly the same, but she will discuss with you ideas, colours and design, and then create your work.

Contact us via THIS PAGE


5/ Art Cards

A small number of Art Cards are available from time to time. These are reproductions of 6 of the most popular paintings.

Currently Out of Stock




Contact Us

For any further Information regarding Exhibitions, Sales or Media, please contact us via this form.