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How to Purchase a Lynda Hyde original.

There are several ways to obtain Paintings and Limited Edition Prints.

1/ Attend an Exhibition and purchase direct from the gallery!

Current and upcoming exhibitions are listed here and on the front page.

At some exhibitions, you may need to wait till the end of the exhibition to pick up your art.

Upcoming Exhibition    –  

“Yester Déjà Vu”           Day Gallery,  Blackheath NSW  — Opens October 1st  2021

Not certain yet if this exhibition will be Virtual, In Person or a Hybrid  but it’s going to be a mix of some never before seen new works and some unique paintings from the gallery stock. There will also be my latest three Limited Edition Prints.

The Gallery are preparing a PDF Catalogue of available works, I’ll post a Download Link when it is ready!

“Someone’s Watching You”
Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 90 cm

2/ From a Partner Gallery

Excited to announce I have partnered with the fabulous Day Gallery in Blackheath in the upper Blue Mountains!

They have a selection of my paintings large and small for viewing and immediate purchase. (See below) They also have a small number of my popular Linocut Prints for immediate purchase.

They obviously also have a huge range of work from other contemporary artists and important historical works.

Note – you don’t pay any more buying through a Gallery and they will be able to more easily help with packing, delivery & shipping if needed.

Blackheath is well worth the trip up to the top of the Mountains. A charming and bustling village, some of the best views in the Mountains, a fabulous Antique Market, Record Shop & excellent branch of Gleebooks Bookshop right next door to the Gallery and plenty of food & drink for all tastes and budgets.

Day Gallery
27-29 Govetts Leap Rd
Blackheath NSW  2785

Vince Day 0404 930 120
Helen Day 0424 842 294

info@daygallery.art     www.daygallery.com.au

They currently have

3/ Direct from us

If you are in the Blue Mountains and would like to organise a Studio Visit  simply contact us via the form below or Message on Facebook or Instagram. We are located in Hazelbrook in the Mid Mountains and often have visitors to the Studio.

You can see some work in progress, have a chat, browse some smaller early works and have a rummage in the Print Racks.

If you are travelling further up the Mountains, you can also see larger paintings at our Partner Blue Mountains Gallery, Day Gallery Blackheath.  (see above.)

Please visit the Prints Page to see a complete Archive of my Prints, including works for Sale and Limited Edition Reproductions.

Join our “Insiders VIP List” to get an invitation to the next Open Day.

If you are keen to purchase a larger work we strongly suggest you follow @LyndaHydeArt on Instagram.

Work in Progress is usually displayed on Instagram and you will know instantly when a work is complete.

If you see anything in the Painting or Limited Edition Prints Archive Pages or on Instagram, you can contact us direct and we will let you know Availability, Prices & Details, including Commission possibilities.

4/ Online at Art Lovers Australia

We also have a very small selection available this curated Online gallery


Contact Us

For any further Information regarding Exhibitions, Sales or Media, please contact us via this form.