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Paintings are grouped in their series and/or when they were first exhibited.

Click on any thumbnail image or gallery for a higher definition and full view of works in each group.

Note – If you are interested in the purchase of a painting please contact us. Paintings that are SOLD are marked as such in their description.  Some of the available paintings are with our gallery partners and some here at the studio. Contact me via the Contact Page and we will let you know the details.


The Incognito Art Show 2023

Three small works (A5) donated to this popular charity event.

The Complete “Yester Déjà Vu” Series

An ongoing series of paintings started in 2021
If you would like to know more about this popular series Click Here

Paintings  2023

“Shake The Gate”
Exhibition September 2022

“Riddle me this…Riddle me that”
Exhibition – June 2022


“Yester Déjà Vu”
Exhibition – October 2021

Download a PDF Illustrated Catalogue Now – Click here

“Half Past Yesterday”
Exhibition – February 2021

“Not the Usual Suspects”

A series of fun Pop Art works

Paintings  2020/2021

Other works not included in a specific exhibition

“Hard Edge Giggles”

60 X 60 cm series

I was invited to contribute 6 small fun paintings for the 2020 Hong Kong Art Fair. That large event was cancelled with Covid, but the series has continued to grow!

“3D – Desirable, Dazzling, Deadly”

A series of 5 Small Works  – December 2019

A five piece themed series based on 5 Pigments that were either extremely difficult or extremely dangerous to make.
The Pigments – Scheele’s Green, Cochineal Red, UltraMarine, Vermillion, Mummy Brown. You can read the full background to the series here.

Paintings  2019

“Colour Field Eleven”
Exhibition  –  July  2019

“The World is Crackin”  Acrylic on Canvas  76 x 76 cm  (Sold)

“Colour Field Seven”
Exhibition  –  Feb  2019

“Brother can you Paradigm”  Acrylic on Canvas  76 x 76 cm (Sold)

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“Colour Field Five”
Exhibition  –  October 2018

Note – Some Thumbnails only show a section of the painting.
Please click on any Image to view complete Painting.

“Between the Lines”
Exhibition – January 2018


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