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Paintings are grouped in their series or when they were first exhibited.  Paintings that are SOLD are marked as such in their description.

Note –  Click on any thumbnail image or gallery for a higher definition and full view of works in each group.

“Shake The Gate”
Exhibition September 2022

“Riddle me this…Riddle me that”
Exhibition – June 20221


“Yester Déjà Vu”
Exhibition – October 2021

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“Half Past Yesterday”
Exhibition – February 2021

“Not the Usual Suspects”

A series of fun Pop Art works

Paintings  2020/2021

Other works not included in a specific exhibition

“Hard Edge Giggles”

60 X 60 cm series

I was invited to contribute 6 small fun paintings for the 2020 Hong Kong Art Fair. That large event was cancelled with Covid, but the series has continued to grow!

“3D – Desirable, Dazzling, Deadly”

A series of 5 Small Works  – December 2019

A five piece themed series based on 5 Pigments that were either extremely difficult or extremely dangerous to make.
The Pigments – Scheele’s Green, Cochineal Red, UltraMarine, Vermillion, Mummy Brown. You can read the full background to the series here.

Paintings  2019

“Colour Field Eleven”
Exhibition  –  July  2019

“The World is Crackin”  Acrylic on Canvas  76 x 76 cm  (Sold)

“Colour Field Seven”
Exhibition  –  Feb  2019

“Brother can you Paradigm”  Acrylic on Canvas  76 x 76 cm (Sold)

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“Colour Field Five”
Exhibition  –  October 2018

Note – Some Thumbnails only show a section of the painting.
Please click on any Image to view complete Painting.

“Between the Lines”
Exhibition – January 2018


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