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The “Falls” Series

These paintings have proved quite popular and as I’m about to release numbers #4 & #5 in the series I thought it might be a good idea to put all the images in one place so you could see the progression and read a little background to the works.



“Falls” was the first one, painted in 2018. It’s actually Acrylic on board rather than canvas and just 76 x 51cm.

It was first exhibited at my solo exhibition at Lyttleton Stores – Atelier Gallery in Lawson here in the Blue Mountains. It eventually sold to a long term neighbour of ours just up the street, so I can go and see it whenever I like.

Here’s a shot of the gallery window on opening night. It really is a fascinating space, serving as the town store since 1884. Luckily it has survived most of the demolitions and road widening that has ravaged the other old section of Lawson .

“Falls” is unfortunately just out of this shot.


I painted the second in the series in 2021. “Tangled up in Blue” is 120 x 60cm, quite a step up in size. It’s also now on canvas rather than board. The extra length let me work on the proportions which I feel are so much better in this one.


“Tangled Up In Blue”

The painting went up to Day Gallery in Blackheath who represent my work here in the Blue Mountains and it was then sold to a Melbourne collector.


“Out of the Blue” was the third in the series, painted towards the end of 2021.
This one is 150 x 60 cm and I changed the bottom section to a more of a swerve effect with softer lines.

“Out of the Blue”

As I paint my pictures flat rather than on a easel, 150 cm is quite a stretch for me! I think you can tell from the photo, I’m rather pleased with this one!

Once again the painting was sold via Day Gallery Blackheath, to a local collector who now own two of my works. Here it is in the gallery front window prior to the sale.

#4 “Free Fall” 120x60cm 2023
#5 “Is this the End” 120x60cm 2023

Here are the two brand new works ready for my next exhibition! I’ve gone back to 120 x 60cm for these two, which I feel is a more manageable size for both me and collectors. One of them is Aqua and the other Ultra Marine, with a new effect at the bottom of each.

Note Oct ’23- “Free Fall” is now sold. It was one of the very first paintings to sell at The Other Art Fair Sydney in October, being picked up by a young collector just 30 minutes after the Fair opened!

(Photo Credit – Thanks Phillip Sage & Day Gallery for a couple of the images used in this story.)

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