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It was so exciting to have my second Solo Exhibition for 2021 at the just renovated Day Gallery Blackheath. Their imposing gallery building sits on the corner of the main street of the popular tourist town in the Upper Blue Mountains.

They have such a strong line-up of Artists that they represent here in the Blue Mountains it was a surprise and a thrill to be offered an exhibition with them so soon.

The paintings sold briskly and we even had to rummage through the Studio and deliver some more paintings up to the Gallery.

One of the highlights was selling the first 3 paintings of my “Yester Déjà Vu” Series to the one collector!  If you would like to see a PDF Catalogue you can still download it from this LINK or see the paintings via this Page. (Note – The PDF Catalogue has not been updated with Availability since the Exhibition. To learn which are still available, check the listings on the Page.)

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