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In early December we threw open the doors to the Brink Studio for the weekend and invited people on our VIP Maillist to drop in.

It was also the launch of the 3D Series, 5 small works.

Thrilled with the number of people who did manage to come for a drink and a chat. It was a nice mix of neighbours, artists, collectors and family.

The 5 paintings in the 3D series all sold as did another couple of paintings and prints.

Some people also got a tour of the house and our quirky collection!

There was also a lot of wildlife around. The resident Long Neck Turtle was not shy about coming up to say hello and the huge Blue Tongue Lizard at the front door gave a few people a bit of a fright.

We will definitely be having at least one Open Studio Weekend again in 2020, possibly a week or two earlier.

Make sure you are on the list to get full information.

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Here’s some images of the weekend…

With Sarah Birtles,  Art Advisor


With artist Alan Rose

Work in Progress

A few bargains were available in the Print Racks

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