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If you couldn’t make it to the Opening Event of my Exhibition Colour Field Eleven at Anala Art Advisory in Glenbrook, here are a few snaps of the afternoon and a very quick video.

Gallery Owner Michael Powe comes to check on progress

With only weeks notice rather than months, a few busy nights in the studio.

It’s all hung, waiting for the guests.
With gallery manager Sarah Birtles and Michael Powe.

It’s on! A wonderful turnout of Friends, Locals & other Artists

With international Pop Artist Johnny Romeo

The always happy Joi Murugavill

Jewellery Artist Nikki Stevens and entourage

Darius Guilford

Timothy Hyde looking a bit lopsided

Michael doing his welcome before I gave a quick talk.


There is a 2 minute Video below showing the paintings and Opening Event.

Images of the Paintings can also be seen on the Paintings Archive Page

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