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Hi, it’s Timothy Hyde here, with my pick of some of the best Paintings and Prints available direct from the Stock Room right now.

Because of the nature of Lynda’s work, each painting does take a while to complete. Plus, sales of her work at exhibitions and privately, keeps the stock available level low. Larger works also tend to go to our Gallery Partners.

However, I think there are still some great pieces available right now from us. We have created some In situ shots to give you a feel for how they look in the world. For a closer look at any individual piece see the Paintings or Prints page.

October 2020

I really think this new painting “Let Yourself Go” is a cracker! Acrylic on Canvas 120 x 90. (In fact we are considering turning it into a limited run Reproduction Print.)

It is still in the Studio here and very few people have seen it yet, but it did get great reactions when we first showed it on Instagram. If you have a big bold space this might be just the painting for you!  Send us a message!



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